Maintenance and servicing of batteries for critical installations

Maintenance and servicing of batteries for critical installations

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Choosing the right batteries for your facility is essential to reducing expenses, risks and failures. However, it’s not enough to choose the best batteries; you must also maintain them properly. So how do you ensure that the important batteries in your facility are kept in good working order? Make sure you have waterproof battery load testers on hand.

Batteries are the lifeblood of modern electronics and machinery.

Batteries define the performance of a device and its value to your consumers or research results.

Make sure you order the right batteries for the projects

Before you start maintaining batteries and buying new ones, make sure you’re working with the right type. So start by calculating the power needs of your facility and get the right batteries. To find out if the batteries you buy are powerful enough, conduct a qualification test.

Remember, a battery’s specifications are just the beginning. You should also test Li-ion batteries with your own load testers to make sure they can produce the expected power when needed. For your installation to be cost-effective, the battery must also be able to fulfill its expected life span.

To check batteries regularly, use battery testers

Whether in modern research facilities or in the production of electronic equipment for the military, among others, excellent performance is only possible if the batteries are in top condition. That’s why it’s essential to use accurate battery testers to regularly check the voltage of batteries.

Here are some of the most common tests you should perform regularly:

  • The cycle test: This test determines how many charge-discharge cycles your batteries can withstand before their rated capacity drops below 80 percent.
  • The resistance of the battery is tested with a load test. This test shows if a battery can power your critical equipment when needed.
  • Heat release: If your business or research equipment uses large batteries, heat release can be an issue. Therefore, it is essential to collect data on heat generation throughout the charge/discharge cycles. This information is then used to verify the manufacturer’s specifications for the battery in question.

The EMC test is designed to evaluate the sensitivity of the battery to electromagnetic interference, as well as its ability to operate without disturbing other equipment or being influenced by external interference sources such as digital pulses and frequency signals.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to ensure optimum performance.

If your installation requires batteries to be in perfect condition at all times, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions (Airbin can help you). What is the manufacturer’s recommended battery life? If the battery reaches the end of its life and is marked as such by the manufacturer, it should be replaced for optimum performance.

Here are some other manufacturer’s tips for battery care

To assess their ability to hold a charge for the recommended time, batteries should be tested regularly. Clean the battery terminals and make sure your company, research facility or factory is free of dirt. Keep track of your company’s energy demands.

Here are some suggestions for keeping your vital system’s batteries running smoothly. As you can see, it’s a good idea to make sure you know how the system works and that only the appropriate batteries are used. More importantly, you will need the best battery test chargers from reputable manufacturers to check the batteries regularly.

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Let’s talk seriously about ESG

Let’s talk seriously about ESG

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The acronym ESG stands for environment, social and governance. Investors are more frequently incorporating non-financial metrics into their analytical approach to identify material risks and growth opportunities. ESG metrics are not typically included in mandatory financial reporting, but are increasingly included in annual and stand-alone sustainability reports.

To help integrate these factors into the investment process, various organizations, such as the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), and the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), are attempting to develop standards and definitions of materiality.

Broad trends

What are esg factors? Several major trends are emerging as the demand for ESG investments increases, including climate change and social unrest. The coronavirus epidemic, in particular, has sparked debate about the link between sustainability and the financial system. The CFA Institute is working to establish best practices for integrating ESG investment into financial sector institutions.

A distinction can be made between ESG-focused companies and mainstream companies. The former are primarily non-financial companies that have integrated ESG factors into their business models, while the latter have only recently begun to incorporate sustainability into their business strategies. While there is a growing demand for integrative disclosure, the distinction between these two groups remains difficult to define.

Companies involved

The growing demand for ESG investment opportunities has led to an increase in the number of mainstream companies integrating environmental, social and governance factors into their business strategies. These stakeholder-friendly companies typically implement innovative management and reporting systems that help them attract and retain their (future) customers. This trend is supported by industry analysts such as The Boston ConsultingGroup (BCG), which predicts that the market for sustainable products and services will grow by 6-8% over the next few years.

Companies that incorporate ESG factors into their core business strategies can take many forms, such as B-corporations or fair trade companies. While these initiatives are often created for marketing purposes, they can also provide comprehensive reporting on performance against non-financial metrics.

American Apparel is an example of a company that has integrated ESG factors into its core business model. In 2008, Newsweek recognized it as one of America’s greenest companies. Other examples include Starbucks and IKEA.

ESG investors typically focus on the stage of development of an industry, rather than the development of a company. This means that companies in early stage industries, such as clean energy or ethical fashion, are often more attractive to ESG investors than traditional companies. This preference for emerging industries is not limited to the financial sector; high levels of unemployment and social instability have led ESG investors to seek safe havens for their investments. These safer opportunities are typically located in emerging markets, which are also popular with other investors.

A focus on sustainability

For example, an ESG investor may choose to invest in renewable energy companies first and diversify into other sectors only later. This approach is often used by so-called “patient capital” investors who focus on early-stage industries in the belief that returns on these investments will be greater than those on mature companies.

The financial crisis is another reason why ESG investing has gained momentum in recent years. While most mainstream investment institutions view sustainability as a risk management tool, many ESG investors see it as an opportunity to increase portfolio returns.

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What is the difference between an offshore company and a traditional company?

What is the difference between an offshore company and a traditional company?

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You wonder about the interest of opening an offshore company, but especially try to understand what are the differences with a traditional company? This article will then bring you an answer! Indeed, we are going to explain you what is the difference between one and the other and the different advantages existing for both.

What is the difference between a classic and an offshore company?
If both exist and can be comparable they have some differences.

The offshore company

The offshore company is by definition a company in a country whose legislation allows to establish it, which is offshore. It can therefore be located in different Caribbean islands, such as the Bahamas or Panama.

In general, companies established abroad have an advantage over those in their country of origin: they benefit from lower taxation and do not need employees. In addition to this important point, we will also see all the other differences between these two types of structures regarding shareholders, directors, addresses but also legal ownership

The classic company

As its name indicates, a classic company is simply a structure existing on its territory and subject by definition to local laws. It must therefore respect French law in terms of corporate governance (e.g. statutes), business forms (SARL, SAS) and taxation.

In addition to these two types of companies that we have just presented, there are also others such as the general partnership or the SCI (Société Civile Immobilière). Each form is characterized by specificities in terms of management and finances that make each one suitable for certain projects. For example, an offshore structure may be preferred if your business is subject to tax constraints.

In brief

The difference between an offshore company and a traditional company lies in its location but also in the applicable legislation. Indeed, an offshore company is subject to a different tax and legal regime than its French counterpart.

What are the advantages of choosing one or the other?

There are many advantages to creating an offshore company rather than a company in France in a classic way. Among them:

  • Offshore companies benefit from a light taxation, where classic French companies impose large taxes and many taxes.
  • They cannot be sold but must be liquidated in case of sale or transfer.
  • The beneficial owner does not appear on any public document, which protects his anonymity until he wishes to reveal himself, for example by buying a property with it. However, this principle can also have disadvantages as some countries are known for their lack of transparency regarding foreign capital gains.
  • The constitution of an offshore company is faster and less complicated than that of a classic French company.

What are the disadvantages between the two?

It goes without saying that depending on the structure chosen there will be disadvantages! If there were only advantages it would be too good! The classic company in France has many disadvantages, that’s why some people often choose to go offshore. Too many taxes, too many taxes, complex regulations and a legislation too strict and sometimes too vague.

But don’t be fooled, an offshore structure also has its drawbacks! An offshore company must respect the laws in force in its country of residence, which can be both expensive and time consuming for it to ensure compliance. In addition, due to their assumed anonymity, agreements between two parties who do not know each other are difficult to conclude if they do not have a traditional business relationship or if they are already known by one of the parties

The user benefits from this type of structure by being able to find legal forms adapted to his projects but without necessarily having specific expertise. Indeed, he will always rely on professionals such as lawyers or accountants who regularly deal with this type of transactions.

In conclusion and advice

In conclusion, it will be up to you to see according to what you expect from a company! However, you should know that different structures exist depending on their location if you decide to go through company formation in Hong Kong in Asia or in Delaware in the USA, but also depending on its activities. Do not hesitate to contact experts on the subject so that they can help you find the best solution for your project!

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how to succeed in your professional life abroad?

how to succeed in your professional life abroad?

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Do you want to go abroad for work with the idea of improving your professional life? Are you looking for advice or explanations on how to succeed abroad in the professional world? Then this article is for you! Discover how, when and why leaving your country for another is one of the best solutions!

Why go abroad in a professional context?

There are many reasons to go abroad, whether for work or study. In the professional world, nothing is more exciting than a good career move! This means that you can get a promotion and have more responsibilities in your company. However, in France and in many companies this is not possible.

Going abroad and finding work in another country allows you to make a big change, but above all to seize new opportunities. In addition to this, there are of course other motivations such as learning the language, techniques, etc. specific to the country concerned!

Which country should I move to?

If you wish to expatriate and therefore leave for a new country, especially to work, there are many possibilities. Indeed, you can go to countries bordering France if you do not want to go too far (Spain, Portugal, Germany, etc..) as well as aiming further away! We can also note that it will be easier for you to go abroad if your native language is English.

What are the main advantages of going abroad?

It is undeniable that moving and working in another country offers several advantages: work-life balance, personal development (learning the language, new culture) but also professional advantages! Indeed, the knowledge of a language and culture will allow you to progress in your career and to assume new responsibilities.

What should I prepare?

Like everything else, it is necessary that you give yourself time before going abroad. In fact, we recommend that you work for a few years in the same company or, even better, in the country where you want to go!

How to combine success and professional life in another country?

In order to succeed in your professional career abroad, it is important to plan your stay in advance. Indeed, it is very important to give yourself enough time before going abroad to learn the language and culture of the country concerned!

Being successful in another country includes a lot of things. First of all, you must be motivated and have the will to want to leave to progress. In addition, it is important that your company has a training program in English or the appropriate language for employees going abroad. If this is not the case, we recommend that you take private lessons!

You should also take into account any problems that may arise or difficulties encountered in a context other than France, for example (working hours, social life). Finally, don’t forget that today, many companies are looking to recruit professionals who have already had experience in another country.

You always have the choice, to relocate your business through an offshore company.

I hope that this article has been useful to you, do not hesitate to give us your opinion in the comments.

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What you should know before buying a wireless headset

What you should know before buying a wireless headset

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What should you look for in a wireless headset? There are many factors to consider when choosing the right one. Some of these factors might be: sound quality, fit and comfort, battery life and price. It is important to know what you want from your headphones before you buy them so that they meet your expectations. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the basics, such as how long wireless headphones will last under continuous use.

The first criterion is obviously the sound

The first thing most people notice about their headphones is the sound quality. What does good sound quality mean to you? Is it a rich bass and treble sound or do you prefer a more balanced sound where every note is clear and crisp? This is important because different types of music require different levels of sound. If you like to listen to classical music, it’s important that your headphones can reproduce all the notes and subtleties of each song so that they’re not lost through poor quality speakers.
Avoid over-processing

If you prefer a more bass-heavy type of music, look for headphones with enhanced low frequencies or headphones with an extra woofer, if available. However, avoid buying headphones that artificially boost this frequency. You may end up with a sound that doesn’t sound like the original recording because it has been overly modified by the speakers.

Comfort of wireless headphones

Another important factor is the comfort and fit of the wireless headphones. Some people can listen to their music for hours without feeling discomfort, while others get headaches after only half an hour. If you don’t want to spend money on headphones and then find out they don’t fit, try before you buy. (Online it’s obviously not possible to do this, so be sure to ask).

The battery life of the headset

The next factor is battery life. Wireless headphones use rechargeable batteries, so they need to be recharged frequently. How often do you see yourself listening to music? If you plan to use your wireless headphones for long periods of time, it’s best to look for models with the battery life to last as long as you need them to.

Price is a factor

Last but not least is the price. Wireless headphones can cost anywhere from $15 to $300 or more! The cheapest models are usually made of plastic and may break after only a few uses. The more expensive models are made of metal and other high quality materials that will not break easily.

When choosing your wireless headphones, it is best to look for a model that meets all the requirements and that is well made, has good sound quality, good battery life and is within the price range you are looking for. It’s also important to choose a brand or company that you’ve heard of before, or to rely on reviews on various specialized websites to make your own opinion. You will benefit from a lot of advice, but don’t hesitate to take your time and compare helmets, especially in terms of price.

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