No CRM for No Small Business

No CRM for No Small Business

Posted by on Feb 15, 2018 in Software |

Small business tend to start out strong. In the beginning, when there are not very many clients, it is relatively easy to manage all the required data to make sales using pretty much any technique and software.

As business grows, it becomes more difficult to manage all of the incoming data. This leads to missed deadlines, and other decreases in productivity. Using a CRM seems like an obvious answer, but it requires far too much training to be used easily. Even though it seems like an ideal solution, having over-designed software that is difficult to use can be as bad, or worse, than having no software at all.

Small businesses are much better off investing in a tool that optimises efficiency. What they need is a piece of software which allows a large degree of flexibility, without requiring unmanageable quantities of data to be fed into it. Ideally, such software would utilise features like drag and drop, as well as the ability to work offline via an Android or iOs application.

No CRM is an ideal solution to the problems presented by traditional CRM software. It has been designed to fill that niche of small businesses ranging from 1 to roughly 500 employees. It features the functionality and power of spreadsheets, while also retaining the power of traditional CRM software. The pricing scales directly with the number of users, so smaller businesses are not overwhelmed by the cost. There is even a free month for both Starter and Expert editions so that anyone uncertain has the opportunity to try it before making any commitments.