All the Bordeaux vineyards’ secrets

All the Bordeaux vineyards’ secrets

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Bordeaux is a mondial reference when it comes to wines: in the region are produced wines that are famous on all continents and linked to an especially prestigious reputation. Do you really know the secrets of the Bordeaux vineyards? Zoom on a land giving birth to the most desired wines in the world.

The many Bordeaux wines

Out of the Bordeaux vineyard, around 80% of the land is dedicated to the production of the red wine, while 20% are dedicated to white wine.Thanks to the lands’ variety on the territory, it is possible to cultivate various grapes varieties, while varying the cultivation and vinification practices: this richness is at the source of the division of the Bordeaux vineyard in more than 60 different appellations.

The Bordeaux vine answers to very particular requirements: it is planted in trellised rows, and the density of ceps by hectare varies depending on the requirements specification of each appellation. From 4000 feet by hectare for the Bordeaux or the Bordeaux crémant, to 7000 feet for the Pauillac, the Saint-Estèphe, or the Moulis-en-Médoc, each winegrower must conform to different rules.

The wine roads around Bordeaux

To be initiated to all the secrets of the Bordeaux secrets, it is strongly advised to choose a path off one of the many “Wine Roads”. For example, the “Castles Road” allows to discover the backstages of the great classified wines, while observing the spectacular architectures of some local buildings. On the “Côteaux Road”, another atmosphere reigns: here one can go along the estuary, while tasting wines, both full-bodied and fruity.

Other routes offer different experiences, according to the expectation of each tourist: international wines and classified villages on the “Patrimony Road”, castles, roman churches, bastides, as well as young wines on the “Bastides Road”, and the degustation of red wines, dry and liquorous white wines on the “Graves Road”, at the doors of the forest of the Landes.

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