Experience Enhanced Audio with Nahimic

Experience Enhanced Audio with Nahimic

Posted by on Dec 7, 2018 in Software |

Nahimic is an advanced software application that is able to enhance audio from any medium and calibrate audio devices to achieve optimal sound quality.

Engaging 3D Surround Sound Audio

The app uses advanced algorithms to transform stereo audio into a precise and engaging 3-dimensional soundstage, immersing the listener in depth and clarity.

Device Calibration

Regardless of whether you are using your devices internal speaker, a pair of aftermarket headphones, or external stereo speakers, Nahimic can help you to achieve the very best audio quality by calibrating audio output to your device’s specific capabilities.

Nahimic maintains a huge database of audio device specifications, this data allows the software to ascertain optimal configurations for the audio-capable devices attached to your computer. Nahimic supports Jack, Bluetooth, S/PDIF, USB, and HDMI devices.

Volume Amplifier

Volume Amplifier is able to safely increase the volume range of your computer without introducing distortion, allowing you to experience intense audio beyond your devices original limitations.

Enhanced Communication

Nahimic has built-in algorithmic filters that enhance your microphone output by suppressing static noise and stabilizing your voice. This makes Nahimic a natural choice for people who use their computer for VoIP, gaming, and streaming.

Volume Stabilizer

Nahimic protects your hearing by maintaining a constant volume across the full audio spectrum. Volume Stabilizer monitors your audio and then makes automatic adjustments as needed, to maintain a constant level of volume. If you find yourself regularly adjusting the volume due to loud explosions or quiet recordings, you will love Nahimic!

Sound Tracker

Nahimic’s built-in Sound Tracker provides gamers with a 360° radar overlay that is displayed on top of your favourite game. The radar provides a competitive edge by indicating the source direction of sounds. You can find a list of Sound Tracker compatible games here.