DietSensor – How Can It Change Your Life?

DietSensor – How Can It Change Your Life?

Posted by on Jun 25, 2017 in Health |

Need the motivation to lose weight or to keep on top of your health goals? Most of us can probably agree that motivation is the one thing that we’re lacking in which prevents us from keeping up with these goals.

Personal trainers can be a costly investment, both time and money-wise. With DietSensor, a nutrition tracking app, you can integrate monitoring your eating habits, as well as getting hints and tips about eating straight into your life. DietSensor offers an incredibly personalised service, tailored completely to your needs whether you want to lose weight or you need to monitor your eating habits for health reasons.

The idea for DietSensor was conceived by french couple, Remy and Astrid Bonnasse who live in Paris whose daughter, aged just 9 was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. In a search to find an effective way to manage her diabetes, DietSensor was created to track what they consume and also to generate accurate nutritional information.

DietSensor comes in three varying packages ranging from Basic to Premium all the way up to Ultimate. All of the packages give you access to the food database as well as the function to add items via barcode scanning and also a real time, portion-size coach. The basic package is limited to the above, but the Premium and Ultimate packages give you options such as nutrient analysis, smart food suggestions and an all-around food coach. Premium and Ultimate packages start at just $5.80 per month. Keeping on top of your eating habits and being able to monitor them so accurately has never been so easy!