SEO Training in English

SEO Training in English

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This text aims to provide information with regards to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and use of the internet in general, alongside how these relate to and affect businesses and companies. Within the main text is a short list of popular (highly ranked) SEO training provider’s mainly within the United Kingdom, and a generalised description on what each one offers in terms of SEO training. The conclusion will give an overview of topics discussed, highlighting the main trends.

A visible page gets more visitors

SEO came about in the mid-90’s. The internet is a time honoured useful tool and lots of companies rely on it for success. Popular search engines in the UK include Google, Bing, Yahoo, and more. Available search types are web, images, and more. SEO is basically how easily and quickly a business is found by searching, The better the SEO, the higher the page is visible in the search engine therefore the more visitors it attracts. Google has revealed that they use the popularity of searches to decide rank of results. Methods of the SEO job include experimentation, guessing, trial and error, and seeing what works. It is beneficial to gain information from others, perhaps more knowledgeable and experienced SEO workers as some but not all will share expertise. Some agencies hold occasional meetings where people can discuss and share views and ideas amongst each other, as in house training can be restrictive. SEO training time can be anything from one hour to a few days depending on the company type and needs. The SEO should be consistently trained as this task requires daily maintenance.

Atlanta SEO Training: PTi International


This company offers SEO training in Atlanta; they supply information which is important and valid for businesses and websites. It takes a holistic look at SEO and how to use it. If you contact them they will custom make training to individual needs of the business. They promise positive results in a persuasive manner; saying the position of ‘your’ web page will be on the first page of Google search results!

Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

CIMs‘ focus is mostly on advanced SEO training. Planning, research, knowledge of competitors, measurement, and onsite as well as offsite advertising are apparently things the SEO worker has to do to get more customers to find what they are looking for. This follows the introductory or beginners course. CIM is mostly for marketing staff and marketing managers who are planning an SEO programme for B2B and B2C services. They also encourage information sharing amongst the group ‘to add value’ to their training opportunities. Their prices are £500-£600 and training appears to be based in London and happens twice per year, via an online booking system but there are other contact details on the web page. The course director is experienced and successful as indicated by a short biography within the information on the CIM page.

Web Design Academy (WDA)

WDA supplies an extensive list of SEO training available in the UK. The list specifies the level from beginner right through to advanced courses, as well as other short helpful training sessions. Included on the list is the location (majorly by city or district) where the training takes place and how long each one is expected to last. SEO training generally seems to take place around once a year in each area of the UK.

UK Business Forums (UKBF)

UKBF is a discussion page where like mind individuals involved within the business and marking sector share views, ideas and information via the web. Although this is not a factual source, it is a helpful forum where advice can be sought from knowledgeable others before making business and marketing decisions. Some of the contributors make personal recommendations on SEO training, and identify the best sources of training and companies both free as well as paid. Some of the companies mentioned are: Hubspot, Inbound Marketing University, WebCEO University, plus a few more!


iThink media provides SEO training courses by taking information from the experienced SEO and passing this on to the novices, dependent on level of current knowledge. The difference with iThink is they offer training which is ‘fun and interactive’ with less of the SEO jargon. They offer flexible training sessions according to company needs and venue requirements, whether this be at the company venue or an iThink location. Potential trainees can get in touch using a variety of routes and are said to benefit from information from an expert SEO team.

Dimmock Web Marketing (DWM)

logo-dwmDWM provide business and marketing courses and workshops to businesses mostly within the London area to either experienced SEO’s who need refresher training, those starting from scratch and every one in between. This company identifies that SEO is an ongoing task and informs about daily web page clean ups, and advises of damages to business and traffic because of this. DWM offers group or one to one training, with a choice of location. The training consists of hands on tasks given with real life experiences. There is a whole host of information on their webpage before taking on the training sessions; Beginners- starting up, to ongoing management and maintenance of pages, and FAQ’s; Intermediate and advanced- research methods, marketing, strategy, information on Google touching upon the ‘Semantic web’, and future issues like the knowledge graph.

SEO is a time honoured notion

SEO is a time honoured notion and is a useful, if not vital tool for most business and company types. The better the SEO the higher the rank, therefore the potential of customers increases. There has been a handful of differing SEO training providers discussed within the main text, and although the SEO information is generally the same, they do appear to have different strengths and specialities. It is important to choose which provider to use dependent on individual or business needs and this decision can be based upon time restrictions, budget or current level of SEO knowledge. Credible training providers may be the ones whom are popular.